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The Sanctuary Syllabus tab provides a mix of sources where one could turn to in order to learn even more. Visit the Sanctuary Columns and Sanctuary Podcasts tabs for more information on student scholarship on selected topics and student-led interviews with sanctuary activists and scholars. Also view Sanctuary Timeline for an overview of the development of sanctuary.

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The Sanctuary Syllabus tab is updated regularly by Lloyd Barba. Since the Sanctuary Movement is active today, we will make our best effort to stay abreast as new sources are published.

During the 2020-2021 academic year, students enrolled in “The Sanctuary Movement: Religion, Activism, and Social Contestation” with a mix attending in-person and remotely. Beginning with an examination of global antecedents to the U.S. Sanctuary Movement, this course offered students an in-depth study of the Sanctuary Movement since the 1980s with special attention to the New Sanctuary Movement, which is active today throughout the country. The classes hosted six guest speakers and culminated with every student writing a Sanctuary Column and/or recording a Sanctuary Podcast.

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