Sanctuary Podcasts

Episode 1: Catholic Sanctuary

With Carlos Ruiz Martinez (University of Iowa)

Interviewers: Keewang Lee and Camilo Toruño

Tech: Victoria Foley

Article referenced: Carlos Ruiz Martinez, “The Questions of Sanctuary: The Adorers of the Blood of Christ and the U.S. Sanctuary Movement, 1983-1996U.S. Catholic Historian 38:4 (2020)

Download Episode 1 Transcript (PDF)


Episode 2: Sanctuary: A Dream Reimagined
Sanctuary in the Borderlands and the South

With Dr. Barbara Sostaita (University of North Carolina; now Harvard University)

Interviewers: Dorian (Obed) Labra-Pelaez & Petra Zuñiga

Tech: Sarah Weiner

Article referenced: Barbara Sostaita, “Escape Bound: Juana Luz Tobar’s Fugitive Poetics” Southern Cultures 26:4 (2020)

Download Episode 2 Transcript (PDF)


Episode 3: The Sanctuary Movement in the Midwest

With Dr. Sergio González (Marquette University) 

Interviewers: Isabelle Caban & Angel Musyimi

Tech: Naya Burshan

Article referenced: Sergio González, “Churches Are Not Just Buildings, They Are People: Refugee Activism and Religious SpacesLatinx Midwest Reader (2022)

Download Episode 3 Transcript (PDF)


Episode 4: Sanctuary in Amherst

With Rev. Vicki Kemper (First Church of Amherst)

Interviewers: Sylvie Palmer and Jorge Rodas

Tech: Victoria Foley

Download Episode 4 Transcript (PDF)