Sanctuary Columns

Sanctuary Applications

Life in Sanctuary

De Rosa, Natalie, “Private: Beyond a Culture of Disbelief: An Archival Lens on Sanctuary’s Limitations and Challenges” (December 2020)

Weiner, Sarah, “Coping with Crisis: How Three People Living in Sanctuary Passed the Time” (May 2021)

Scripture and Sanctuary

Foley, Victoria “Romans 13 Does Not Say No to Sanctuary” (May 2021)

Rascon Rodrigues, Arleth, “Sanctuary Auxiliary Ministries Empowered by Biblical Rhetoric” (December 2020)

Rodas, Jorge, “Scriptures in the Sanctuary Movement: The New Testament, Qur’an, and Torah” (May 2021)

Art and the Sanctuary Movement

Labra-Pelaez, Dorian (Obed), “Sanctuary Through Reappropriation and Border Art: Converting the Border into a Space of Transnational Solidarity and Protest” (May 2021)

Montoya, Grace, and Nicholas Ardila, “5 Ways Art Supports the Sanctuary Movement” (December 2020)

Sanctuary Restaurants

Palmer, Sylvie, “Sanctuary Restaurants” (May 2021)

Zuñiga, Petra, “Food for Thought: The Expanding Role of Restaurants in the Sanctuary Movement” (May 2021)

Non-profits’ Role in Auxiliary Sanctuary

Kiryk, Jack, “Pragmatic Sanctuary: Preventing Deaths in the Desert” (December 2020)

Toruño, Camilo, “The New Sanctuary Coalition of New York: Understanding the Role of the Organization within the New Sanctuary Movement” (May 2021)

Opinions and Explorations

Musyimi, Angel, and Isabelle Caban, “Rethinking Sanctuary Aid in Light of Immigrant Incarceration” (May 2021)

Polk, Camille Alexandra, “Immigrant Livelihoods: Shifting Presidency, Shifting Tides” (December 2020)

Polk, Camille Alexandra, “Sanctuary: The Meanings and Boundaries of a Word” (December 2020)

Sanctuary Histories

Bucio, Gaby, and Ana Vieytez, “Divergent Pathways Towards Sanctuary in Amherst, Massachusetts” (December 2020)

Holding, Katherine, “Operation Sojourner: The Prosecution of the Practice of Faith” (December 2020)

Kaufman, Sara, “The Legacy of the Sanctuary Movement in the Midwest” (December 2020)

Rodriguez, Manuel, “Sanctuary Behavior: On the Eve of the New Sanctuary Movement” (December 2020)