Category: Student Words on Sanctuary


A place of refuge that protects one against the arrest, capture, or harm of opposing forces.


A term for describing a place of protection and refuge with significant historical and religious tradition that is supported by people with strong moral beliefs and humanitarian priorities as they relate to the concepts of hospitality.


The practice of providing refuge for people seeking protection from various forms of persecution, often administered by entities with religious, political, and/or altruistic motivations, with ancient cultural and religious roots.


Sanctuary is the perpetual practice of finding pockets of community, support, fugitivity, and protection in the face of a looming, unjust, and, ultimately, broken law enforcement system; it is rooted in global historical and religious traditions.


The ancient and sacred practice of offering safe haven to persecuted people.

Dorian (Obed)

Sanctuary is the practice of providing refuge to a persecuted individual or people, usually in a physical space with some significance (church). It has ancient roots, has been practiced in various cultures and societies over decades, and commonly has religious motivations.


Sanctuary means providing support (physically, mentally, emotionally), protection, community, and accompaniment for those who are struggling/persecuted, and challenging those structures that have caused suffering.


A tradition of providing safe haven for people, commonly migrants who have experienced violence and persecution in their home countries, when the government doesn’t


Sanctuary: a physical location within which people may find peace and protection, and more specifically, sites where refugees are protected from agents of the state.


A place and movement that serves to protect undocumented immigrants from the violence of the state and provide aid until some form of safety is guaranteed/ promised for the asylum seeker.